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Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Resources

Texas Resources

Texas Council on Family Violence tcfv.org
Texas Association Against Sexual Assault www.taasa.org

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National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-422-4453
National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE
National Runaway Switchboard Hotline: 1-800-621-4000
RAINN: Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network: Hotline: 1-800-656-HOPE

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Primary Domestic Violence Resources

A Base for Women’s Empowerment – Q Web Sweden
Description: An international communication network focusing on women’s health and status,
including actions against violence and abuse. “Q” derives from Swedish “Quinna,” meaning “woman,”
and is a popularly accepted symbol for women’s issues in Sweden. www.qweb.kvinnoforum.se
Carter Center. Description: Strives to relieve suffering caused by war, poverty, poverty, and
disease by advancing peace and health in neighborhoods and nations around the globe. Information
on peace and health programs are posted on this site.www.cartercenter.org

Crisis Prevention Institute, Inc. (CPI).
Description: CPI is a for-profit agency offering training in the management of disruptive and
assaultive behavior. They have created a web site offering tips for reducing the risk of violence
in the workplace, free posters, and listings of CPI’s training programs. They focus on the following
professional discipline areas: education, health, business, mental health, corrections/security/police,
human services/government, and youth services. www.crisisprevention.com

Ending Violence Against Women: An Agenda for the Nation
Description: Website offers a comprehensive blueprint for individual, community and government action.

Family Peace Project. Description: This Project aims to educate medical students to identify, treat and prevent partner violence. www.family.mcw.edu/famweb/FamilyPeaceProject.htm

Initiatives Related to Domestic Violence. Description: The Institute for Law and Justice (ILJ), under a grant from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), U.S. Department of Justice, has collected at this site references and organizational contacts which may be of practical or legal/educational use to families, justice professionals, or mental health and social service professionals. Included is information about sexual assault. www.ilj.org/dv/index.htm

National Center for Victims of Crime. Description: The National Center for Victims of Crime believes in forging a national commitment to help victims of crime rebuild their lives. We are dedicated to serving individuals, families, and communities harmed by crimes. Through collaboration with local, state, and federal partners they provide direct services and resources; advocate for laws and public policies that create resources and secure rights and protections for victims; and deliver training and technical assistance to victim services providers and allied professionals. www.ncvc.org

National Crisis Prevention Institute, Inc. .Description: The National Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) is a for-profit agency offering training in the management of disruptive and assaultive behavior. They have created a web site offering tips for reducing the risk of violence in the workplace, free posters, and listings of CPI’s training programs. They focus on the following professional discipline areas: education, health, business, mental health, corrections/security/police, human services/government, and youth services. www.crisisprevention.com

Survivors International. Description: Survivors International is a Californian organization that provides psychological and medical treatment to survivors of torture from around the world. On their website, they post information about torture, treatment centers around the world, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They also post a training manual on how to talk to and help survivors. www.survivorsintl.org Veritas Programming. Description: Veritas Programming provides a variety of information on anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder, including: a bibliography on post-traumatic stress disorder, the American Coalition for Abuse Awareness (ACAA) newsletters, and information about repressed memory. www.sover.net/~schwcof/ American Women Overseas, Description: AWOS is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization with an international outreach that gives hope and provides resources to abused American women and children living overseas. www.awoscentral.com

The R.O.S.E. Fund (Regaining One’s Self-Esteem) Fund. Description: The R.O.S.E. Fund is a national non-profit organization committed to end violence against women and assist women survivors of violence to regain their self-esteem. The ROSE Fund helps to empower individuals to achieve self-sufficiency, rebuild their lives, and ultimately help end violence within society. www.rosefund.org The National Center for Victims of Crime www.ncvc.org/gethelp/ Jewish Women International Call to Action www.jwicalltoaction.org

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Listed below are links to websites that may be helpful for you in recognizing and ending your abusive behavior.

Men Stopping Violence www.menstoppingviolence.org

The White Ribbon Campaign www.whiteribbon.ca

The National Organization for Men against Sexism nomas.idea-net.com

MOVE www.menovercomingviolence.org

Real Men www.cs.utk.edu/~bartley/other/realMen.html#whatIs

Blain Nelson’s Abuse Pages www.blainn.cc/abuse/index.html

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Children and Domestic Violence

The Safer Child. Description: This site directs people to experts on the gamut of child health and safety issues-from daycare, parenting, car safety seats, child care and poison control-to issues like domestic violence, discipline, ADD/ADHD, gun violence, substance abuse and sexuality. Safer Child, Inc., the non-profit advocacy organizations behind the site, also is dedicated to child health and safety. www.safechild.org

Project NoSpank Description: A resource for those who believe that children’s optimal development occurs in nurturing, violence-free environments and that every child has the right to grow and learn in such an environment. www.nospank.org

Child Abuse Prevention Studies (CAPS) Description: The CAPS program is an interdisciplinary, graduate-level certificate program offered through the Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse. In one or two years, CAPS students receive a formal certificate in child abuse prevention that prepares them for working directly with children or as advocates for children, their families, and their communities. CAPS curriculum is taught by instructors from several academic disciplines who provide specialized learning in this field for teachers, early childhood educators, public health professionals, social workers, law enforcement officers, and other specialists who work with children and families. www.mincava.umn.edu/caps/

Child Abuse: Statistics, Research, and Resources Description: This page and Recovered Memories of Sexual Abuse: Scientific Research and Scholarly Resources are pages organized and maintained by Jim Hopper who is a Ph.D. candidate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. www.jimhopper.com/memory

Children Now Description: This website is dedicated to children’s issues such as children and the media, children’s health and family economic security. They have four email newsletters for parents and professionals. www.childrennow.org

Child Trauma Academy Description: This Acadmey is located at the Baylor College of Medicine. Here they address the maltreatment of children through direct clinical services, professional training, and research. Their website offers a publications, abstracts of ongoing research, and information for caregivers, and more. www.childtrauma.org

Child Custody and Visitation Decisions in Domestic Violence Cases: Legal Trends, Research Findings, and Recommendations. Description: This document by Daniel G. Saunders highlights some of the legal and cultural trends surrounding custody and visitation decisions and identifies a strong need to consider more carefully the dynamics of domestic violence in these decisions. www.vawnet.org/VNL/library/general/AR_custody.html

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General Domestic Violence Links

Resources on Domestic Violence and Children from the Electronic Clearinghouse of the Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse www.mincava.umn.edu/vaw.asp#A101090300


The Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence www.caepv.org

National Organization for Women www.now.org

TEAMCares Inc. www.TEAMCares.org

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Immigration Issues

NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund, Immigrant Women Program www.nowldef.org/html/issues/imm/index.shtml

National Lawyers Guild, National Immigration Project www.nlg.org/nip/domestic-violence/domvioindex.htm

Family Violence Prevention Fund www.fvpf.org/immigration

National Immigration Forum www.immigrationforum.org

Immigrants’ Access in Public Benefits www.nilc.org/

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Poverty Issues

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities www.cbpp.org

Center for Law and Social Policy www.clasp.org/

Institute for Women’s Policy Research iwpr.org

Food Research and Action Center www.frac.org

The Urban Institute www.urban.org

Welfare Information Network www.welfareinfo.org

Welfare Law Center www.welfarelaw.org

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Governmental Resources

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services www.hhs.gov

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Civil Rights www.hhs.gov/ocr/

U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service www.ins.usdoj.gov/graphics/index.htm

U.S. State Department Information on International Child Abduction www.travel.state.gov/abduct.html

U.S. Department of Labor www.dol.gov

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Victims/Survivors with Mental Health/Mental Illness Issues and/or Physical Disabilities

Elizabeth Stone House www.elizabethstonehouse.org

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill www.nami.org

New Study Confirms Treatment Reduces Violence in Individuals with Major Psychiatric Disorders by Half www.nami.org/pressroom/980512224009.html

Women and Depression www.nami.org/helpline/women.html

Women with BPD and early traumatization found to have smaller volumes in hippocampal structure www.nami.org/cfapps/Research_News/News_Item/news_item.cfm?storyID=126&from=cat&catID=4&date=0

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) www.nami.org/cfapps/Research_News/News_Item/news_item.cfm?storyID=56&from=date&catID=2&date=December$2000

Disability Services: A Safety Awareness Program www.austin-safeplace.org/services/psac/index.htm

American Psychological Association www.apa.org

Abuse and Women with Disabilities www.vawnet.org/VNL/library/general/AR_disab.html

ADA Technical Assistance Program www.adata.org

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The Deaf Community

Deaf women against violence www.dwav.org

Deaf Abused Woman Warrior’s Web Network – Devoted to deaf abused women, this site is primarily about abuse of women in general. deafdeb.tripod.com

Abused Deaf Women Advocacy Services www.adwas.org

Deaf Women United www.dwu.org

Deaf Abused Women and Children Advocacy Services www.dawcas.org

Deaf Queer Resource Center www.deafqueer.org

Deaf Woman Network www.deafwoman.com

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African American Community

Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community www.dvinstitute.org

Nommo – Articles on womanism, female genital mutilation, interracial relationships, violence against women in general and black women. New topics and articles added often www.sistahspace.com/nommo/index2.html

African American task force against domestic and sexual violence www.aataskforce.homestead.com/home.html

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Native American Community

Mending the Sacred Hoop: Description: Mending the Sacred Hoop is a Native American program whose mission is to assist Native Sovereign Nations to improve their response to Indian women who are victimized by domestic violence and sexual assault and to restore safety and integrity to them.www.msh-ta.org

FOCIS Program (Family Oriented Community Intervention Strategy) Description: The FOCIS Program is a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Program and a program of Feather River Tribal Health Organization frihc.nativeweb.org/FOCIS.html

The National Tribal Justice Resource Center: Description: The Resource Center is the central national clearinghouse of information for Native American and Alaska Native tribal justice systems www.tribalresourcecenter.org

The Scared Circle – www.sacred-circle.com

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Latino Community

Women’s Justice Center/Centro de Justicia Para Mujeres (english/espanol site). Information on domestic violence and includes links to other websites in english and espanol. www.justicewomen.com

National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence/Alianza Latina Nacional para Erradicar la Violencia Domestica (the Alianza). www.dvalianza.org

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Asian American Community

South Asian Domestic Violence Organizations by State from the website of Manavi www.research.att.com/~krishnas/manavi/links.htm

Asian Women United of Minnesota www.awum.org

Sawnet (South Asian Women’s NETwork. Description: Sawnet is a forum for those interested in South Asian women’s issues. [South Asia’ is taken to include Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka] www.umiacs.umd.edu/users/sawweb/sawnet/index.html

Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence www.atask.org

Asian Women’s Resource Exchange www.aworc.org

Apna Ghar. Description: Apna Ghar is a domestic violence shelter serving primarily Asian women and children, and was the first Asian shelter of itskind in the Mid-Western United States www.apnaghar.org

The New York Asian Women’s Center (has safety plans in multiple languages) nyawc.org

Korean American women in need www.angelfire.com/il/kanwin

Asian Japan Women’s Resource Center – in English and Japanese www.jca.apc.org/ajwrc

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Muslim Communities

Muslims against family violence www.steppingtogether.org/projects_mafv.html

Muslim women’s homepage www.jannah.org/sisters/

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Jewish Communities

Jewish women international family violence page www.jewishwomen.org/AWAKEN.htm

National council of jewish women www.ncjw.org/programs/programs-stop.htm

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Communities (LGBT)

The Northwest Network ( support and advocacy for bisexual, trans, lesbian and gay survivors of abuse and dating violence.) Seattle, Washington (206) 547-8191 www.nwnetwork.org/mission.htm

Network to End Abuse in Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans Women’s Communities, Boston, Massachusetts, 617-423-SAFE www.nblbw.org

Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project, Boston, Massachusetts, 1 800-832-1901 www.gmdvp.org/index.html

The Survivor Project. Expanding access to sex/gender variant survivors of domestic violence. Portland, Oregon, (503) 288-3191 www.survivorproject.org

Community United Against Violence Domestic Violence Program, San Francisco, California 415- 333-HELP http://www.xq.com/cuav/domviol.htm

Domestic Violence in Lesbian Relationships http://www.en.com/users/allison/l_dv.html

National Coalition of Anti-Violence Project’s Report on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Domestic Violence www.lambda.org/dv97.htm

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Other Helpful Sites

More than 1200 indexed links to domestic violence resources on the internet. A convenient drop down menu lets you navigate among categories.www.growing.com/nonviolent/research/dvlinks.htm

Rural Womyn Zone. Description: RWZ is a website dedicated to providing informationand advocacy to women living in remote or rural areas. www.ruralwomyn.net/domvio.html

Alaska State Troopers. Description: Information for victims of domestic violence (from Alaska State Troopers) information is geared towards Alaska, but also includes general information. Available in English, Spanish, Russian, Yu’pik, Inupiaq, Tagalong, Korean. www.dps.state.ak.us/ast/dv/

Communities Against Violence Network http://www.cavnet2.org/

Women’s Human Rights Net www.whrnet.org/home.htm

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Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse

The following are articles which can be found on:

The Alcohol Connection www.serve.com/zone/alcohol/index.html

Helping people battle addiction http://www.drugrehabconnections.com/

A Substance Abuse Guide for Parents https://www.drugrehab.com/guides/parents/

PTSD and Substance Abuse https://www.drugrehab.com/co-occurring-disorder/ptsd/

Help with Recovery From Alcohol Addiction https://www.alcoholtreatment.net/

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Domestic Violence and Law Enforcement (as abusers)

The International Association of Chiefs of Police theiacp.org/pubinfo/pubs/ModelPolicy.htm

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, Domestic Violence Division www.police.nashville.org/bureaus/investigative/domestic/policy.htm

Lifespan www.life-span.org/policedv.html

National Center on Women in Policing www.feminist.org/police

SABLE: Spouse Abuse by Law Enforcement www.policedv.com/index.html

Police Family Violence Factsheet www.feminist.org/police/violenceFS.asp

Are Police Who Batter Affected by Ban on Convicted Batterers Possessing Guns? www.ncsc.dni.us/KMO/Projects/Trends/99-00/Articles/DVtrends.htm

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Sexual Assault Sites

National Sexual Violence Resource Center provides links to sites offering statistical and research information. www.nsvrc.org

Partners & Allies of Sexual Assault Survivors. Description: Partners & Allies of Sexual Assault Survivors is a web site that offers an extensive resource list of books, newsletters, journal articles, self-help/support groups, music, films, web boards and much more. twhj.com/allies.shtml

If Someone You Love. Description: If Someone You Love is a web page with information on what sexual assault is, who it hurts, the victim’s reaction, the family’s reaction and what can be done to help those who have been victimized. www.cs.utk.edu/~bartley/sacc/ifSomeoneYouLove.html

A web site offering information on date rape, date rape myths and other date rape related information. www.rape101.com

The Wife Rape Information Page. Description: The Wife Rape Information Page covers information about what wife rape is and frequently asked questions as well as a resource guide. www.wellesley.edu/WCW/projects/mrape.html

Provides extensive information on marital rape including statistics, a brief legal history and a state law chart. www.vaw.umn.edu

A rape and sexual abuse survivor’s site providing information on related topics. Also includes a survivor search engine. www.escapinghades.com

Sexual Assault Information page. Topics include acquaintance rape, awareness, child sexual abuse, counseling, etc. www.cs.utk.edu/~bartley/saInfoPage.html

RAINN – Rape Abuse & Incest National Network www.rainn.org

Sexual Abuse Treatment Referral, Resource, and Research Page Author: Matthew Rosenberg and Associates Description: This website contains information on legal resources, treatment, theories of sexual deviation, assessment, and research. www.angelfire.com/mi/collateral/index.html

Sexual Assault Information Page Description: Sexual Assault Information Page provides comprehensive information for researchers, practitioners and survivors on the topic of sexual assault and similar topics. Includes a page on survivor poetry. www.cs.utk.edu/~bartley/saInfoPage.html

Author: Linda E. Ledray, RN, Ph.D., LP, FAAN Description: The SANE guide is designed for nursing professionals involved in providing evaluations of sexually abused victims. It can be found on this website, which provides information and technical assistance to individuals and institutions interested in developing new SANE-SART programs or improving existing ones. www.sane-sart.com

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Domestic Violence and the Faith Community

FindTheGood.org – a postive path to end violence. What Faith Communities Can Do www.findthegood.org/faithcomm/index.htm

The Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence is an interreligious educational resource addressing issues of sexual and domestic violence. They provide training opportunities, printed materials, links, etc. www.cpsdv.org

Muslims Against Family Violence. The provide essential reading topics such as: Wife Abuse in the Muslim Community, Islam & Domestic Violence and Ending Domestic Violence in Muslim Families. www.steppingtogether.org

Provides articles about violence in the family through a faith perspective. Also provides guides and suggestions for clergy in dealing with abusive males within their congregation. www.familyrefugecenter.com

This web site documents a wide range of activities faith communities have taken to address and prevent family violence. www.interfaithfamilyviolence.org

Provides resources on domestic violence in Jewish homes as well as resource guides for Rabbis and other links related to family violence. www.jewishwomen.org

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Information for Male Survivors of Domestic Violence

National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization www.malesurvivor.org/

Sexual Assault Information Page: Men’s Resources www.cs.utk.edu/~bartley/index/mensResources/

For Men Only: For Male Survivors of Sexual Assault www.utexas.edu/student/cmhc/menassault.html

Male on Male Sexual Violence www.youthresource.com/library/ygm5.htm

Male Survivors of Rape www-6.cybersurf.net/~cstagg

Reading List for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse www.survivorsuk.co.uk

Surviving and Living: Male Survivors of Child Sex Abuse www.vix.com/menmag/sexabupg.htm

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Men’s Nonviolence Organizations

Men Stopping Violence. Provides links and information on the prevalence and effects of men’s violence against women in intimate relationships. www.menstoppingviolence.org

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Domestic Violence Research Sites

American Bar Association www.abanet.org/domviol/home.html

THOMAS-U.S. Congress on the Internet thomas.loc.gov/

Office for Victims of Crime-Topical Resources www.ojp.usdoj.gov/ovc/publications/infores/welcome.html

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Teen Dating Violence Links

In the Mix: Twisted Love. PBS show on dating violence with Neve Campbell www.pbs.org

Warning Signs of Dating Violence

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Fact Sheet on Dating Violence www.cdc.gov/ncipc/dvp/yvpt/datviol.htm

ADT Security Services, Avoiding Teen Dating Violence: www.adt.com/divisioons/residential/security_tips/avoiding_teen_dating_violence

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Violence Prevention Programs

Resources on hate crimes, dating violence/date rape and bullying and sexual harassment in schools, compiled by SafePlace in Austin, Texas www.austin-safeplace.org/services/school/resources.htm

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Health Care Community

Nursing Network on Violence Against Women, International Description: Nursing Network on Violence Against Women, International’s mission is to eliminate violence through advancing nursing education, practice, research, and public policy. Their website includes weblinks and legistlative and conference information.

Physicians for a Violence-free Society Description: This is a national nonprofit organization of physicians, other members of the healthcare community, and concerned citizens who are committed to reducing violence in the United States. This web site includes educational resources, links to other sites, and information about conference and training opportunities. www.pvs.org/

Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) Description: PSR has a Violence Prevention program that is building a national Violence Prevention Network of physicians, public health professionals, PSR staff and supporters working to reduce firearms and domestic violence. www.psr.org

American Medical Association (AMA) Description: The AMA offers consumer health information, a doctor finder, journals and research information for physicians, and policy and advocacy information. www.ama-assn.org

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