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Volunteer Training

Family Crisis Center Volunteer Training Program


The basic volunteer training program consists of a 3 hour orientation session plus an additional 18 hours of training and is designed for any adult who wants to make preparation to become a volunteer for the Family Crisis Center of Harlingen. It is the requirement of the Center that all prospective volunteers participate in a complete 3-hour orientation or 21 hour basic training, depending on selected area of work. Additional hours will be added specifically to chosen area of involvement. Following completion of the training program, the prospective volunteer will meet with the Volunteer Coordinator. Placement of each volunteer is dependent on agreement between the prospective volunteer and the Volunteer Coordinator.

The 3-hour orientation is also open to youth that are at least 14 years of age. The training program, in full or in part is also open to those adults who desire/need basic knowledge of the Center and issues related to domestic violence and/or sexual assault, but cannot commit to becoming a volunteer.

The course content for the 3-hour orientation includes a general overview of the FCC, historical, political, and cultural background and considerations in sexual assault and domestic violence; and basic dynamics of rape and battering. The additional 18 hours of training continues with more detailed discussion of the dynamics of rape and battering; general counseling techniques; specifics in counseling victims of sexual assault and domestic violence; legal alternatives in sexual assault and battering; peer counseling and philosophy of client/counselor relationships.

The faculty for the training is the staff of the Center including the Volunteer Coordinator, Shelter Supervisor, Legal Advocate, Children’s Advocate, Sexual Assault Program Director, Family Violence Program Director, and the Executive Director. Center volunteers, law enforcement officers, and emergency room personnel will participate as needed.